We understand that research students are experiencing a range of practical and wellbeing issues at the present time. To help you to understand changes to your studies at what is a difficult and sometimes confusing time, we've answered some key questions below.

These special arrangements are in place until the end of May. Check the UEA PGR page for any changes . This page also has links to other information on topics such as library access, visa help, and guidance on problems continuing with research.

How do I submit my thesis?
For the time being, no bound copies of your thesis will be required. Submissions should be by email or One Drive. Zip attachments will be blocked so use One Drive for files too large for email.


Remember to request a receipt.

You will get at least a month’s notice of any change to this system.

Can I get an extension?

All students have an automatic 14-day extension automatically for submission for submission dates up to 1 June.

If you need additional time, for an extension of 1-2 months to an April/May submission date, use this form after talking to your supervisor:

Send a supporting email from your supervisor and any other supporting evidence to

For later submission dates, or a longer extension, use the normal extension request form:

Students who are self-funding or wholly externally funded also need to use this form.

This form covers details of your funding and any visa requirements and includes a section your supervisor needs to complete.

How will review meetings and vivas happen?

All review meetings are currently by video conference. There is no need for any formal processes to arrange these.

Vivas will also be by video conference. You need to make sure you have given written consent for this by email to and your Graduate School.

The independent chair for the Viva also needs to provide written consent. This can be done by email.

For more information on video conferenced vivas see

Will I get extra money if I have to extend my study?
Additional stipend funding for up to three months is being made available for some students who need extensions. This is subject to change, but currently this includes students:


  • funded by UEA studentships due to finish between March 2020 and March 2021
  • funded by UKRI studentships and co-funded by UEA. UEA will try to bring the UEA part of the funding up to the same level as UEA studentships

If you are receiving external funding, UEA can help you to get clarification about what funding you can get.

How will an extension affect the fees I have to pay?
UEA will not charge additional fees during extensions for COVID-19 related reasons. If you are having trouble making fee payments, contact to let them know why you are having problems and discuss payment plans. This could mean extending the payment period if you have an extension, a break in payments or payment of smaller instalments.
If you have any more questions and would like to discuss your particular situation with an advice worker, get in touch via our online contact form here.