Ready to rent

“I wasn’t ready to rent and I lost all of my deposit money”


“I wasn’t ready to rent and my landlord broke the law”


“I wasn’t ready to rent and when I moved in I found there was damp and mould everywhere!”


Fewer than half of students feel they know their rights as renters


76% of students who have money deducted from their deposit believed this is unfair


Are you ready to rent?


Ready-to-rent workshops are a great opportunity to receive the skills and knowledge to rent in confidence and without fear and they’re free! Look out for dates, times and places coming up soon.

You learn –

  • What to look for and steer clear of when house-hunting
  • What signing a contract means, and how to make sure it contains what it should
  • Your rights as a tenant and how to assert them when problems arise


You can register for a workshop by following this link or contact for more information.