Preparing to leave 

There can be lots to think about when moving out so make you sure you've read Home Run's move out checklist.

The most common cause of deposit disputes in the private rented sector is cleaning! Cleaning was mentioned as a reason for a deposit dispute in 42% of cases submitted to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (one of the approved deposit schemes) in 2019/20, and that's why we've created a separate cleaning checklist.

Don't be tempted to leave the cleaning to the morning of your move out! In almost all cases, this won't be long enough.

If you are an Assured Shorthold tenant (most students in student accommodation are) then your landlord or agent should protect your damage deposit in one of three government approved deposit schemes within 30 days of receipt. Failure to do so could mean you are eligible to claim compensation of up to three times the amount of your deposit.

If you are approaching the end of your tenancy and can't remember which deposit scheme your landlord or agent used then it's worth checking before you move out. Ask your landlord/agent to confirm, look at your tenancy agreement or check directly with the deposit scheme websites. You'll need a postcode, surname, tenancy start date and deposit amount to search. Links to the three government approved schemes are below:

Deposit Protection Service
Tenancy Deposit Scheme

No luck using the online searches? Don't worry, you can also call the schemes on the numbers below:

Deposit Protection Service:
0330 303 0030

0333 321 9401

Tenancy Deposit Scheme:
0300 037 1000

If you have reason to believe that your deposit has not been protected then contact advice(su) for advice on what to do next.

If you're continuing as a UEA student, moving soon and haven't arranged new accommodation yet then we suggest you start your search with Home Run, the Students' Union's property accreditation scheme. Home Run accredited properties are advertised online via a housing list. Alongside the housing list, the Home Run website also features a message board where students advertise spare rooms and look for housemates. Read more about your accommodation options here.

If you're graduating and staying in our wonderful city then you can use online search platforms and contact local letting agents. If you require housing advice or support* once you have graduated then please contact the housing charity Shelter England or Citizens Advice.

*advice(su)can offer support and guidance after you've graduated if the issue you wish to discuss relates to a tenancy you held during your time as a UEA student.

Once you've moved out

You've moved out of your rented property and would like your deposit back - what happens next?

advice(su)'s leaflet on deposit and deposit schemes describes the deposit return process. Contact advice(su) here if you have any queries relating to the return of your deposit or require additional support.

You can help other student renters make informed decisions about where they live by leaving a review on Marks out of Tenancy. This is your opportunity to let others know your thoughts on your landlord/agent, property and neighbourhood.

If you are looking to rent in the private sector, whether you are staying in the student market or not, remember to check Marks out of Tenancy to see if there is a review on your prospective landlord/agent, property address or neighbourhood!