study well faqs

Can I get a re-mark?

If a piece of course work has not been double marked, you can ask for a remark within 10 days of getting your mark if you can show that:

  • the mark is not consistent with the feedback given; or
  • feedback suggests that part of your submission has not been considered: or
  • the assessment criteria have not been appropriately applied

You must see the marker to discuss the mark before applying – they will need to sign your form.  For more info see

I missed an exam – what should I do?

Complete an Extenuating Circumstances report as soon as possible and within 2 working days at the latest. For help about how to do that, and advice on evidence you may need, contact advice(su) and see  for more info.

I’ve been called to a plagiarism meeting – help!

advice(su) can help with advice and support on how to prepare for the meeting and can accompany you to the meeting, provided we have an adviser available on that day. Call in to see us and ask to see an advice worker, and make sure that you let us know the time and date of the meeting as soon as you know. For more info, see

How can I get a time extension?

Every year you can have two self-certified time extensions of 3 days without having to supply supporting evidence. You apply by making an Extenuating Circumstances report before the deadline for handing in the work. Although you don’t need to provide supporting evidence, you still need to give a valid explanation for needing extra time.  For longer extensions, or if you have used both self-certificated extensions you use the same request process but need to provide supporting evidence.

For more information, pop in to one of our drop in sessions or see

I think I need to appeal a mark? How do I do that?

There are several valid reasons to appeal a mark, including if you have reported extenuating circumstances which have not been taken into account,  you have not received learning support to which you are entitled, if  changes have been made to your course which you have not been told about or that the teaching you have received was inadequate. To find out more, visit and for help putting an appeal together, come and talk to advice(su)

How can I change adviser?

Simply go to your usual LTS Hub and ask. You don’t have to give a reason. If you are having trouble contacting your adviser, you can contact the Senior Adviser for your school. If you just don’t know who your adviser is, check your e-Vision record and introduce yourself.

I’m not happy with how my course is being run – what can I do?

A good first step is to talk to your course rep or convenor. They can raise your concern with the UEA and it’s helpful for them to know what concerns students have. If it’s having an impact on your ability to complete assignments or to study, talk to your personal adviser or to the module organiser or course director. If you’d like help with that, talk to us at advice(su). We may signpost you to other people in the union who can support you or help you with raising a complaint.