fitness to practise

fitness to practise

If you are on a course which leads to a professional qualification such as nursing or social work, you will be expected to meet the standards of professional conduct expected of you by the professional body which validates the course you are on. 

If there are concerns that you may not be meeting these standards, your school will follow a process, called “Fitness to Practise” (“FTP”), to decide whether there is any evidence of:

  •  professional misconduct, or
  •  behaviour inconsistent with suitability for your profession

you can find our full guide to fitness here.

how can advice(su) help me?

Our advice team have are highly experienced in supporting students who find themselves in the FTP process. 

In your appointment, your advice worker will discuss with you all of the options open to you and provide you with their advice on what course of action you should take. Your advice worker can also help you make contact with the University and others if more information is needed, support you in during any meetings with the university you may have, help you find the right language to respond to concerns raised against your practice and in some circumstances represent you. You do not have to face this alone - we are here for you.