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Fri 15 Sep 2017

So much room for activities

Its time to lets us know what you want to do differently! As the start of term edges closer so...
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Wed 06 Sep 2017

it is time #takeastand again

After a successful introduction to the #BUCSTakeAStand campaign, it is my pleasure to announce that we will  be campaigning...
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Thu 10 Aug 2017

do something different in 2017/18

Since running to be your Activities and Opportunities Officer I am always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities...
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Thu 18 May 2017

Sports awards and PMB roundup

What a week it’s been! Sports awards, PMB, and there’s still more to come this Saturday...
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Thu 11 May 2017

Vote for your executive committees

Thank you to everyone for all of your nominations! It’s now time to vote for who you want...
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Fri 05 May 2017

Club and society exec nominations are now open

If you’d like to be a part of uea|su’s Club and Society executive committees next...
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Fri 28 Apr 2017


It is my pleasure to introduce to you… UEA UNITY! This project is a society-wide campaign aimed at...
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Thu 20 Apr 2017

Club and society elections

You can now nominate yourself for a committee position in any club or society that you are a member of...
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Fri 10 Mar 2017

#TakeAStand ahead of Derby Day

Last week I had the honour of dropping the ‘Take a Stand’ banner in the Hive. #TakeAStand is...
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Wed 01 Mar 2017

support for students taking a year in industry

Every year, hundreds of students opt to take courses that include a year in industry in the hope it will...
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Wed 15 Feb 2017

meet your societies executive committee

At uea|su we have over 200 societies – from fetish to quidditch, publishers to Pride, and Livewire to law...
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Wed 08 Feb 2017

derby day

A huge part of my role as Activities and Opportunities Officer is organising Derby Day, and 2017 is going to...
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Wed 01 Feb 2017

sports and societies fayres

Last week saw the annual refresh societies and sports fayre! Not every Students’ Union runs a refresher’s...
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Wed 25 Jan 2017

shadow an officer

Want to find out more about what it’s like to do my job? I’m offering you...
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Wed 18 Jan 2017

Sports Night goes until 2am

We’ve extended sports night until 2am! Every Wednesday during term-time we run Sports Night in the Blue...
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Wed 14 Dec 2016

refresh|2017 - your academic fayre

As part of our academic|su campaign, we’re running an academic societies fayre during refresh 2017. Refresh 2017...
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Wed 07 Dec 2016

wrapping up the christmas market

On 6 Nov, we ran our annual Christmas Fayre in Union House. We invited student entereprenurs, businesses run by staff...
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Wed 30 Nov 2016

shaping the leaders of tomorrow: uea|su edge conference

Last Saturday was The Edge Conference – an event which gave students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. Over...
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Wed 23 Nov 2016

improving resources at uea

Over the past few weeks, we at uea|su have been building a picture of your UEA experience – figuring...
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Wed 16 Nov 2016

global entrepreneurship week is here - and it's better than ever

We're bang in the middle of this year's Global Entreprenurship week, and this year it'...
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