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Last week saw the annual refresh societies and sports fayre!

Not every Students’ Union runs a refresher’s event, but I’m passionate about making it happen at UEA. First semester can be hectic for many students, and when they come back in the new year, they want to take advantage of opportunities they didn’t have the time for.

To make it even easier for students to get involved in sports in second semester, we slash the prices of SAM – the Sports Association Membership you need to buy before you get involved in a sport. SAM is now just £30 (instead of £50 for the whole year) and will last for the rest of the academic year. 

We also have a January intake of students, who start their courses at the beginning of 2017. These students miss the big Fresher’s Fayre in September, so I think it’s important that they get a chance to see what’s on offer at UEA.

Over 800 people attended the societies fayre this year, and we saw loads of people getting involved with sports clubs! Here are some snaps from the Sports Fayre: 


Capoeria showing off their moves! 









Women's football!


Remember it's never too late to start a sport or get involved with a society. Just head over to our opportunities pages to get started. 


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