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A huge part of my role as Activities and Opportunities Officer is organising Derby Day, and 2017 is going to be better than ever.

For those of you who don’t know, Derby Day is a huge sporting event where we challenge Essex to play us at every sport we can gather a team for, and then we have a massive after party to celebrate. I’m biased, but I think it’s even better than Pimp My Barrow. Absolutely everyone at UEA is invited to Derby Day – whether you’re part of a sports club or coming along as a supporter – and throughout the whole day there’s this huge sense of community as we beat Essex at every turn.

This year, Derby Day is taking place right here on UEA campus, so you have absolutely no excuse not to be there. It’s set for Saturday 11 March, so get your blue face paint at the ready and learn the lyrics to “Oh UEA” (they’re wonderful). You don’t need tickets to turn up and watch events – literally just rock up, stand in support, and sing your heart out.

Because we’re here in Norwich this year, the after party is going to be at the LCR, and tickets will go on general sale Wednesday 8 February! We’ve held some tickets back for the people actually competing, but anyone’s welcome to the tickets going on general sale.

In the 16 Derby Days we’ve had already, UEA have won 12. If we win this year (sorry, when we win this year), we’ll be on a five year winning streak.

Just to repeat: Saturday 11 March is the day, tickets for the LCR go on sale 8 February. Get training, get your facepaint, and I’ll see you there.


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