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Club and society exec nominations are now open

If you’d like to be a part of uea|su’s Club and Society executive committees next year, now’s your chance! Nominations are open until Wednesday 10 May on the SU site.

How can I become part of an exec committee?

To nominate yourself for a committee role, you’ll need to have been a committee member in a uea|su club or society this year. There’s one position available for each sub-group:

Clubs: Colney Lane, Indoor Sportspark, Outdoor Sportspark, Dance and Gymnastics, Water Sports, Martial Arts, External.

Societies: Academic, Arts & Performance, Charities & Campaigns, Cultural, Religion, Medical, Personal Development, Games & Hobbies, Peer Support Group, Media, Political.

What does the role entail?

As a part of the committee, you’ll be responsible for representing and looking after the clubs or societies in your sub-group. This can involve attending meetings to give feedback, assisting with and processing grant request for events, offering advice and assistance to individual club or society Presidents and committees, and working with Camille, next year’s full-time Activities and Opportunities Officer to help expand inter-community relationships. Finally, you’ll also have a say in which new clubs and societies get approved throughout the year. 

After all the nominations are in, you can vote online to elect your new representatives from 8-12 May. The results of the elections will be held separately, with the Sports Execs being announced on 12 May at the UEA Sports Awards, and the Society Execs finding out a little later at the Student Transformation Awards on 18 May.

By now, you should all have elected your new individual club and society committees for next year. We’ll be running training sessions from 8-12 May, covering specific positions as well as more general workshops on finances and event planning. In this time, we’ll also have space available for you to hand over to your incoming committees.

Finally, I’ll be running a society networking session on 15 May to discuss how you can interact with different clubs and societies, and work on creating an interactive community here at UEA!


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