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Camille Koosyial

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do something different in 2017/18

Since running to be your Activities and Opportunities Officer I am always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities for students. Last year the University ran Do Something Different Week, where you all got to try something new for a week without any lectures! Well, its back for another year and LTS and the SU will be working together to expand the programme in the year ahead.


Feedback from students collated by the SU suggests that students would like to get involved in “low commitment” extra-curricular activity, both during a focused week and across the academic year. So what we will do now is work together with LTS to deliver something every day, so not a day goes by without you having an opportunity to try something fresh!


That doesn’t mean we will lose the whole week dedicated to Do Something Different; we will rebrand this as Do Something Different ‘Festival’, where we will repeat the biggest and best sessions we’ve run throughout the year. We’ll also throw in a sprinkling of innovative and fresh ones! With sessions every day and the festival, it means we can cater for students whose timetables don’t fit the ‘traditional’ academic year, alongside PGT students who can access the programme.


So how will it all work? We will now have a single portal for all taster activity on campus. These will include sessions run by the SU, SSS, CareerCentral, Schools and Sportspark! Cool, right?! Here you will be able to book your place or find information on where to go! Let’s not forget that these sessions will be FREE too!


So if you fancy learning how to cook better pasta dishes, trying archery, building your own business, learning a language or becoming a DJ, then Do Something Different is for you! We are just pulling all the details together, so get ready for this come September - it will be amazing!


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