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it is time #takeastand again

After a successful introduction to the #BUCSTakeAStand campaign, it is my pleasure to announce that we will  be campaigning and supporting this project once again in hopes of making university sport experience as accessible as possible.

The initiative was set up by BUCS in 2014 in response to an overwhelming demand from members, seeking support from institutions because of problems associated with anti-social behaviour, alongside developing sustainable prevention techniques for more inclusive sport!

It  is time to #TakeAStand again and work together to reduce the negative press surrounding university sport, increasing the positive coverage of the talent that our programme boasts.  Anti-social behaviour and discrimination within the ‘university sport culture’ could be seen to fall under  8 key themes.

The campaign aims to address these 8 key themes that fall under anti-social behaviour and discrimination within ‘university sport culture’ these are…


LGBTphobia | Racism | Sexism | Crowd behaviour | Initiations | Disability discrimination | Alcohol/Drug abuse | Faith & Cultural appropriation.


Throughout the year I hope to host many events and training that could be seen to tackle some of these areas. From our #ThisGirlCan Week to specific training raising awareness on different faiths and cultures, I hope to change some of the negative culture surrounding University Sport and make physical activity at uea(su) as accessible as possible! Physical activity is so important to every -students wellbeing so this is a campaign I will throwing myself into this year, and I’d love your support when doing so!

If you’d like to learn more about the campaign and what my plans are, or even get involved please get in touch! Similarly, if you want to know what your officers involved in the campaign are up to here are their details!

Mae Kabore (LGBT+, Open Place)

Liam Deary (LGBT+, Trans & Non-Binary Place)

Amy Atkinson (Women's)

Emily Cutler (Students with Disabilities)

Amanie Mathurin (Ethnic Minorities)

Mohaned Alhasan (International Students - Non-EU Place)

Katharina Wodenitscharow (International Students - EU Place)

If you cant wait here’s a reminder of some of the AMAZING support some of our students showed last year! 


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