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BUCS Begins!

A new Academic year has begun, and so has the 2017-18 BUCS season. For those of you who are returning to sports teams this year, you'll know that BUCS fixtures are a highlight of being involved in University sport. For those of you who are new to sport at UEA, BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport) is a national University league that takes place across all sports. It allows you to visit other Universities to compete and meet a whole range of different people involved in your sport. 

If you'd like to keep up to date on fixtures, you can now see results and what's coming up next on the BUCS website here

The first fixtures of this BUCS season take place today (11th October) and are listed below. 

*now updated with results!

Women's Fencing 
UEA 1st vs Lincoln 1st  
UEA (73 - 130) Lincoln

Men's Tennis 
UEA 1st vs Bedfordshire 1st  
UEA (8-4) Bedfordshire

Men's Hockey 
UEA 2nd vs Nottingham 6th
UEA (0-1) Nottingham  

Women's Netball 
UEA 2nd vs Coventry 3rd
UEA (51-22) Coventry

Men's Squash 
UEA 1st vs Loughborough 2nd 
UEA (0-3) Loughborough

Men's Table Tennis 
UEA 1st vs Warwick 1st  
UEA (2 - 15) Warwick

Men's Rugby Union 
UEA 2nd vs Anglia Ruskin 1st 
UEA (15-32) Anglia Ruskin 

UEA 3rd vs Anglia Ruskin 2nd
UEA (24-7) Anglia Ruskin

I'd like to wish all our sports teams taking part this week the very best of luck. Whether the fixtures in the afternoon go as hoped or not, the fun goes on into the evening anyway, as it's looking like it's going to be a big sports night! Come down to Blue bar to party with your team and introduce your freshers to sports team life at UEA.   


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