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Improving access to sport with the BUCS Inclusion Board

Making sports more inclusive and accessible is something that I'm really passionate about and an issue I campaigned on during the officer elections.

Last year, it was great to see the #TakeAStand campaign (a national initiative by BUCS to tackle discrimination in sports) being embraced by our sports clubs. We saw rainbow laces being worn during games as a demonstration against homophobia and the signing of the #TakeAStand charter by all our sports club presidents. You can read more about the campaign and see the full charter here

I want to continue to ensure that everyone who wants to be involved in UEA Sport can, and that sport at UEA is something that we can continue to be really proud of. This is why I'm really pleased to announce my election as the SAB representative on the BUCS Inclusion Board. The board was created at the beginning of 2017 to ensure that inclusive and accessible opportunities are at the heart of sports activity across the HE sector.

Following the first meeting on Monday 30th October, I was pleased to see the energy in the room to begin to implement some actual change. What was more exciting was to recognise from members of the board the willingness to listen and be receptive to student voices from within the student university sport community.

I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into this role and seeing what changes we can make to University Sport. As this is a space that welcomes feedback I am looking to set up working groups to create conversations about University sport so that we can start to implement change.

If you're interested in being a part of a working group and want to improve access to sport, then get in contact with me at 

We are already making strides in this work within the uea+sport department who have been working very passionately on is the  'ueaccess scheme'  this scheme has many different strands which contributes specifically to making sport more accessible focusing on mental health and disabilities. One event we have coming up is the ueaccess evening which is opening up the Sports Park to range of accessible sports and societies and disability confidence training for our committee members so they are confident in how they can make their clubs more accessible. If you like to attend or help with this event it is on Thursday 9th November 5-9pm, please get in touch with myself or for more information


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