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BUCS Season Begins!

As the excitement of freshers draws to a close, we’re looking towards the year ahead. For many of our sports clubs, this means training and preparing for a year of competition.  

Today is key for many of our sports clubs as it marks the start of the BUCS season.  

If you’re a fresher or you’re new to sport at UEA, BUCS stands for British University and College Sport and is the main league most of our sports teams play in (this year we have 47 BUCS teams!).  

The first fixtures of this BUCS season take place today and are listed below, I’d like to wish the best of luck to everyone taking part. 

Whether the fixtures in the afternoon go as hoped or not, events continue into the evening anyway with the first sports night of the year in blue bar. Sports night is a highlight of sports club life at UEA, so make sure you bring along your new members and introduce them. 


If you'd like to keep up to date on fixtures, you can see results and what's coming up next on the BUCS website here


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