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Become a first-year rep for your club or society

One of the best ways to develop new skills, try new activities, do something you’re passionate about and meet like-minded people is to join one of the hundreds of societies and clubs that we offer you here at uea(su). However, these clubs and societies don’t just run themselves, each club/society is run by student committees who volunteer to bring you these activities and opportunities to you. If you are a first-year student who has joined a club or society and wants to get involved with your committee then we have some great news for you...nominations for first-year reps are now open!  

Every year we give first-year students who are members of a club or society the chance to be part of the committee as a first-year representative.  

Being on committee is a really exciting way to get even more involved in your club or society and looks great on your CV! Being part of a committee as a first-year rep means you will be representing the interests of all first-year students in your club and will get the opportunity to Lead Change within your club or society, taking into account the views of those you are representing. 

Our committees work hard to make sure that all members have a great time in their club or society, and being a first-year rep is a brilliant way to get an insight into how your club is run.  

Nominations are open now so why not get involved and nominate yourself to be a first-year rep! If you are interested in being a newly elected member of your club or society's committee then you have until 9AM on November 12th (20 days) to put yourself forward for election. For sports clubs, click here. Alternatively, if you want to nominate yourself to be a society first-year rep, click here.  

For more information feel free to email me at, or just pop into Union House for a chat.