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meet your society execs!

Introducing your new Society Executives! 

What do they do?  

  • They are the main point of contact between society members and the union, you can contact them with any issue you may have within your committee or society. 

  • They are also working hard to form relations between societies through creating events/ activities. 

  • They review new society applications and provide feedback to resolve any issues before the group attends union council. 

  • They will be reviewing grant applications and decide whether to grant the funding requested. 


Who are they?

Will Rule – Academic Societies: 

Charlie Bernardin – Arts and Performance 

Joely Fox – Charities and Campaigns 

Arturo Shaw – Games and Hobbies 

Harry Sandford - Medical Societies 

Michael Prinz – Personal Development 

Callum Macconachie – Political Societies 

Bronwen Brown - Media Collective


We will be reopening nominations for Religious societies, Peer support societies and Cultural Societies exec reps so follow the SU social media to see when they are live!  

Want to find out more about your society executives? 

Click the video below!




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