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A joint blog from Amy Rust (Campaigns and Democracy Officer), Veronica White (Environmental Officer) and Emmanuel Agu (Ethical Issues Officer). 

UEA has a long standing reputation as an environmentally conscious university, with our students and staff leading ground-breaking sustainability research.

Nationally, universities across the board are struggling to meet their policies, with only a quarter on track to meet their carbon reduction targets by 2020. People and Planet have reported UEA 48th in their national university league table using metrics which focussed on a range of themes, from water wastage to workers’ rights.

That said, we are proud of our working partnership with the University where we develop solutions to achieve our common aims.

1. Food Waste

Since Amy’s recent blog on food poverty, the number of students who have expressed interest in getting involved in the campaign has been really exciting! We’ve had a lot of creative ideas about reducing food waste on campus, or ways to use leftovers to help students in poverty. We’re now working with UEA Catering to see how this can be implemented on our campus.. Check out our website for updates on this soon!

2. LED Lighting across our services

Veronica passed policy at Union Council mandating the SU to replace all non-energy efficient light bulbs within Union House and other Union run outlets with LEDs or other energy efficient bulbs. We are now auditing our building and services to identify bulbs which we can replace and how else we can reduce our electricity output.

3. Fairtrade UEA

We have been working with some amazing staff across our campus to explore the university regaining its Fairtrade status. We will be reaching out to our great sustainability focussed societies to celebrate their work and build a strong Fairtrade campaign on campus.

4. Electronics Watch

As ethical issues officer, Emmanuel has been lobbying the university to sign up to Electronics Watch, an organisation who aims to ensure that all electronic products are sourced ethically, with workers at each level of the supply chain paid a living wage and provided with safe working conditions.

5. GoGreen Week

Veronica has been busy working with SustainableUEA planning GoGreen Week, which takes place13-18 February. Look out for more information and details to be advertised across campus.

To follow our work and campaigns please check out the campaigns page at!


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