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Why you should nominate yourself for an officer role

The opportunity to nominate yourself for an SU Officer role closes on 9 March. I’m taking this opportunity to tell you why you should run.

I’m not going to write out a list of my achievements as an officer because I’ve long believed being a full-time or part-time officer is a relay race, not an award ceremony.

Some people I have spoken to say they’re not running to be an officer because they’re ‘worried about the competition’. My response to this is that it really doesn’t matter who else is running – what’s important is your ideas about what the SU can do.

A proportion of UEA students feel apathetic towards the SU. I can understand that. In the past year, I’ve tried to faithfully represent students at every level, and where I have struggled most (where we have all struggled) is with students who don’t think what we do makes any difference.

Lobbying from the SU has made a real difference to education, housing, activities, mental health, the daily experience of UEA students and the SU’s international relationships. This year, we’ve stood in solidarity with people around the world. The passion of every member of staff, my officer team and students is inspiring, and I have been so lucky to work with them all over the last 9 months.

Every time you’ve walked on to campus and wished something was different – whether that’s on campus, on your course, or around the world – being a part of your SU can make that change happen. Even if what you want to change is the SU – you can be the person to shape it.

Don’t let fear hold you back. Before this year, I struggled so much with public speaking and confidence – running was terrifying – but doing this has completely changed me. I can only thank everyone around me who has built me up with this, and not torn me down. You’ll find this, too – once you get started, you’ll find out just how capable you are, and how much the SU team will help you grow.

I hope my successor makes the changes they want to see in the SU. I hope they learn as much as I have done.

Nominations close at 12pm on 9 March, and manifesto deadlines are 12 March. If you need any support, or have any questions, head to the candidate section of


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