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Automatic voter registration rolled out next year!

The University and SU have been working together to include voter registration within the university enrollment process for new students. With a commitment to the development of students beyond their academic studies, it's really exciting that the university have agreed to move forward and implement this for September 2017!

Young people, including students, are less likely to be registered to vote than those in other age-groups. In 2015, Electoral Commission research indicated that around 30% of 18-24 year old were not registered to vote, compared to less than 5% of those aged over 65. We know many students feel that politics isn't relevant to them, however our politicians make decisions on all aspects of our lives, whether it be the future of higher education or keeping street lights on at night. That's why at UEA we are doing everything we can to encourage young people to take part in democracy and shape the world they live in.

 As part of your registration with the University, you will be given the opportunity to indicate whether you would like to be included on the electoral register, so that you can vote in national and local elections. Universities like Sheffield have already implemented this, with voter registration amongst Sheffield students going from 13% to 76% in 2015-16. With students making up 14.6% of the population of Norwich, we can make a real difference to the outcome of elections and therefore the decisions which are made about local services.

You are entitled to be registered at home and your University address. At local council elections you can vote in both seats by registering for a postal vote.

Don’t forget to register to vote by 13 April 2017 for this year’s local elections on 4th May 2017 at


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