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If you work for uea(su), whether that's in shop(su), UNIO, Venues or upstairs in the Union House office, you now have the opportunity to join one of the UK's largest trade unions for free!

We believe that the employment we offer should be the best, most transformative employment you have as a student. All our staff are paid a fair, living wage and we offer flexible working hours that are arranged around you.

Recently, we have developed the support we can offer student staff even more, by partnering with the GMB trade union to ensure that your employment rights are protected. We're the first partnership of this kind in the UK and we'd like to encourage as many of our student staff as possible to take advantage of the opportunity.

The GMB represents nearly 640,000 employees across the UK. They offer support, guidance and campaigning opportunities to members to ensure that employees are offered fair pay and working conditions.

Over the next few weeks, as more and more of our student staff sign up to join GMB, elections will be held for the GMB branch. This will give student staff the opportunity to be actively involved in the decisions of the GMB and represent their colleagues at uea(su). Members of the GMB will also have places on the SU’s employment consultative committee to feed directly into uea(su) staff policies.

We are really excited about this partnership, and I for one am looking forward to seeing the development of uea(su) student staff in transforming their employment rights. If you work for uea(su), you can opt in to join GMB on the SU website at


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