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making uea(su) more sustainable

Our environmental impact at uea(su) is something we're really keen to keep to a minimum. From UNIO's recyclable cups to the great work of our environment officer, environment sub-committee and sustainability-based societies, sustainability is a key consideration of all our activities and commercial outlets. There's always room to improve however, and we're pleased to be working with the NUS again this year on the Green Impact scheme. 

Last academic year we were awarded 'Good' Green Impact Accreditation for our work as an SU, but  we'd like to do even better and will be working towards improving our rating to 'Excellent'. This year, we've also developed a sustainability collective, which brings together all societies that have environmental activism at their core. We plan to collaborate their ideas to influence any further campaigns that we run.  

In terms of actions we've already taken, we've been looking at improving wastage in our outlets. Bar(su) now no longer give straws in drinks automatically. In shop(su) we'll also now ask you if you want your receipt and only print it if you do. Our environment sub-committee are also working on a long-term sustainability strategy to make sure that we're looking towards the future and planning ahead.  

If you've got any ideas about how we could work to be more sustainable, let us know! Contact myself at or get in touch with our environment officer Rhys Purtill at  


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