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Ways to make change at UEA

Have you ever thought about your UEA experience and wished something was different? uea(su) is a union that's run by the students it represents and we want to hear your ideas. Whether you want to change uea(su), the University or the world, there are avenues open to you to try and make that change. 

On our website you might've seen the 'I have an idea' section. You can submit ideas for uea(su) policy and if enough people agree with you, we'll hold a referendum. 

  • Chat to an officer 

As Campaigns and Democracy officer I'm in charge of the campaigns the union runs. I also sit on our commercial boards, looking at the running of our services such as the shop and bars. All the officers have different areas of Union activity they look after. If you're not sure who to go with your concern, pop into the Union House office and someone will point you in the right direction.  You can also find all of our email addresses here.

All of our policies are voted on by Union Council, which meets every two weeks and is made up of representatives from every school, society, club and liberation group at uea(su). If you're a member of the council you can submit a motion. If you're not, talk to your representative about the idea you want to put forward.  

  • Fill in our surveys 

We often want to know what you think about us and our services. Sometimes an email from the Union will land in your inbox asking if you want to take part in a survey. It's great to have as many people as possible responding to these so that we can make changes that reflect the majority of students. 

If you want to feedback on the bar or UNIO, and want a maximum £10 budget to buy some drinks, you can join our pool of mystery shoppers. This is an opportunity for you to help us shape how we work, and how we cater for students in a real and direct way. 

If you're bursting with ideas and confident about putting them forward, why not run for an officer position? Every year, 5 full time officers, 8 part time liberation group officers and 6 part time non-liberation officers are elected to represent students. Nominations are open now at   


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