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Accountability and democracy at uea(su)

Students' Unions are democratic organisations that are run by the students they represent. The officers who run the union are elected by you and you have the right to hold us to account, ask us questions and share your views with us.  

We have student officer committees, subcommittees and Union Council - these bodies can question us and feed into our work.  To see the structure of the Students' Union and how everything fits together, head here to see a diagram.

At uea(su), we're always looking forward and trying to find ways to improve things. One thing I'm passionate about improving during my time as Campaigns and Democracy Officer is the accountability of the Union and its officers.  

I have some ideas on how to improve things and would love to hear your thoughts. 

  • Adding manifesto pledge trackers to allow students to see if officers have kept their promises 

  • Making it easier to hold officers to account by allowing anyone to ask a question at Union Council. 

  • Running 'question time' events with officers and students, as well as more drop-ins so you can come and tell us directly about your ideas and concerns.  

If you'd like to get in contact with us about an idea or concern, you can find all our email addresses under our pictures on the front page of the website. Or pop into the Union House office for a chat with the relevant officer or officer team.  


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