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The NUS national conference

This year, the NUS national conference is being held in Glasgow on the 29th of March and we're pleased to be sending 5 delegates from uea(su).  

The conference is held every year and brings together delegates from over a thousand Student Unions all across the country. It's the policy making body of the NUS, where motions are debated, discussed and voted on and the NUS leadership for the year ahead is decided.  

We've submitted a number of motions to the national conference this year. The first, created alongside Middlesex Students' Union, is designed to increase the support for nursing and midwifery students. It mandates the NUS to look at the unique issues that these students face and lobby for improvements.  

Our SU has also put forward an amendment to a motion on ending single use plastics, asking NUS to look at the accessibility issues related to their use. We'd also like NUS to develop toolkits around incorporating sustainability into national and local curriculums.  

Another motion we've worked with other Unions to put forward is a motion titled 'stop exploiting student workers.' It highlights the work done by uea(su) in partnering with GMB and promotes trade unionism for student workers. It also mandates research into the 'gig economy' and low paid employment and resolves to work towards protecting the rights of student workers.  

If you'd like to find out more about the NUS conference take a look at their website.

As always, if you'd like to talk to me or any of the other delegates about the conference and get them to raise an issue related to one of the motions, get in contact at  



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