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free park and ride service for all UEA students and staff



For those of you that use the Costessey park and ride service to get to the Edith Cavell Building and Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, we have some great news for you. As of the 17th September, the 510-bus service running to the hospital was made free for all UEA students and staff.

This is something that has needed to be changed for a while. Here at uea(su) we have had lots of feedback from students who were unhappy about paying for this bus service. We listened to you and we’re incredibly happy to have played a part in ensuring that this service is now free for you. Many of you were quite rightly questioning why you should have to pay to get to the west of campus, where the hospital is located, when the 511-bus service from Costessey park and ride is free to main campus. We completely agree with you. Students who spend more of their time on the west side of campus should not be at a disadvantage compared to students whose learning is based around main campus.

Having to pay for the 510-bus service predominantly disadvantages health science students who are regularly based either at the hospital or in the surrounding buildings. So, to begin this process of change we began by writing a letter to UEA’s transport coordinator Dawn Dewar. From here, we were able to meet with the Pro-Vice Chancellor for the faculty of medicine and health, Dylan Edwards, who listened to our feedback and helped us make this happen. We are really proud of our strong relationship with Dylan and would like to thank him for helping us to Lead Change.

We are so happy with the success of this campaign that we want to continue to make more improvements. We have had a lot of feedback from students commenting on the benefit they got from the Thickthorne park and ride service to campus being made more regular over summer. This was a temporary service set up while the B1108 road was closed, which prevented services from the Costessey park & ride running efficiently. Although this was a temporary solution, lots of you have found it so helpful that we would love to investigate getting this re-introduced for you permanently.

I would love to hear what you think of the above, or anything else that you might be interested on working with me on. Just email or pop into Union House for a chat with me. Has the free 510-bus service benefitted you? Can you think of any way that your travel to campus could be improved? I want to hear from you so why not get in touch now.



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