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The first union council meeting of the year

Last week we had the first Union Council meeting of the year, thank you to everyone who came and participated! Here is an overview of what we covered at the meeting. 

* We successfully elected Elliot Folan as Chair of Council and Dan Box as Deputy Chair of Council, and also looked into appointments for all of these committees: Democratic Procedures Committee, uea(su) Finance Committee, uea(su) Appointments Human Rescource Committee, UEA/uea(su) Change the Culture Taskforce Committee, and the UEA Estates Forum. 

* The council went through the reports for the university/union committees, the Trustee Board and the Student Officer Committee (SOC). If you’d like to know more about what SOC and the Trustee Board get up to then remember that every student has access to the approved minutes of all SOC meetings, which can be viewed here, as well as access to the approved minutes of all Trustee Board meetings here.

* Together we had an open discussion that aimed to focus on union engagement. I wanted to know what our union councilors thought about the SU in general, why they decided to come to Union Council, and to see if they had any ideas on how we can improve engagement between UEA students and their Student Union. Getting this kind of feedback is extremely helpful to us here at uea(su) so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any feedback on Union engagement, I’d love to hear from you.

* Policy was one of the most important things on the agenda for the meeting! I wanted to start off with something light-hearted, as the word policy is often associated with dull, lengthy discussions. Well...not at our meetings! To give officers an idea of the ways that motions can be put in place, we gave them a “dummy motion” about dementors on campus. Although it was based on a fictional scenario, it then meant that councilors were able to confidently look through the “No to Endorsements” Motion put forward by myself. The motion focusses on making the Union a more democratic and transparent place and it was great to get feedback on it from the students who attended the meeting. 

Again, thank you so much to everyone who came, and remember, Union Council is not just for elected union reps, it is for ANY student who would like to get a taste of the way decisions are made here at uea(su). The next Union Council meetings are coming up on the 1st of November (Thomas Paine Study Centre Lecture Theatre) and the 15th of November (7pm, Lecture Theatre 2) so come and get involved! Just give me an email at if you’d like to attend. Union Council is your democratic forum, so make sure you use it and get your voice heard!


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