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A couple of weeks ago I published a blog about what I wanted to achieve this year, and one of things that is at the top of my priority list is to investigate costs on campus. (Click here to see what I had to say about campus launderette and accommodation costs.) In aid of this I am launching a campaign called ‘Your Money Counts’ that will investigate the various things that effect student's pockets on campus, and I would love to try and reduce some of these costs for students at UEA.  


The launch of this priority campaign will commence on the 4th and 6th of December so get these dates in your calendars and get involved if you’d like to see costs on campus reduced! 

 Over the two launch days we will have: 

  • Soapy Atherton’s Launderette: this will mimic Circuit Laundry and I’ll be looking to use this to get your feedback on how we can improve the laundry service that exist currently. 

  • Burchell’s Estates: this will be exploring how much students are getting for their money in campus accommodation as well as accommodation in the city. 

  • Giant Monopoly: students can expect a live human monopoly that will look at the various hidden costs that exist on campus... come along to find out what these hidden costs are! 

All of these costs effect students at UEA and I would love your support in helping to investigate whether these costs could be reduced to ultimately improve your student experience. If you are particularly passionate about this then I would love for you to join my campaign group for ‘Your Money Counts’, just drop me an email at to get involved! Alternatively, if you have any feedback to give about costs on campus then please come along to the launch in the Hive on the 4th and 6th of December, I’ll see you there! 



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