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For those of you that might not know, Union Council is a vital part of our democratic structure and gives students the chance to be part of the decision-making process at uea(su). It is open to every single UEA student but for those who weren’t at the last 2 meetings, here’s an update of everything you need to know! 

1st November Council: 

We went through the Student Officer Reports on SOC (student officer committee) and discussed what I’ve been up to over the last month including: 

  • Successfully organising for a full bus of students to attend the People’s Vote March on the 20th of October  

  • Organising for Norwich City Council to be at a hustings event in the Hive on 30th October and 13th of November- giving students more info on registering to vote.  

  • Meeting with Phil Steele (Head of Sports and Commercial Services within the university) to go over plans for accommodation 

We had an open discussion to get feedback on the SU helps students balance and manage student life: 

  • The discussion was a great opportunity to get an insight into how policy is made. The feedback we got is exactly the kind of information we use when we’re looking to implement change and we are currently working on creating an FAQ section for the SU website to get even more feedback.  

We also passed these new policies: 

  • Amendment to the Bye-Laws – Creating a new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee merged from the Equal Opportunities Committee and the similar Equality, Diversity and Access Committee, with a much sharper focus. They will work to research and reduce attainment gaps for liberation groups on campus, represent and tackle liberation issues on campus, and to make sure that liberation groups have the power to change the culture at UEA. 

  • Make the SU Shop Accessible: ensuring that the shop is accessible for all students following the changeover to Shop in association with Spar 

  • Providing Benefit Information to students: ensuring that benefit information is given to students that require that information. 

 15th November Council: 

 We went through the Student Officer Report and discussed the following:  

  • Free parking for first year paramedic students was passed with the support of the paramedic science soc. 

  • Discussed the Lessons from Auschwitz event that has been organised by the National Union of Jewish Students Monday 19th. The Council will receive a verbal report in due course. 

  • The NUS extra/ Totum card discount has been reintroduced to the shop to make sure students are getting the best prices.  

We had an open discussion which focused on making the SU more accessible 

  • This acted as a great chance to practice policy making and working through problems.  

This policy was also passed:  

  • Censure of Postgraduate Education Officer: To formally condemn the postgraduate education officer. 


Now that you’re all updated, why not have your say and come to the next meeting? It’ll be on Thursday 29th of November. All students are welcome, even if they aren’t councilors, you will just need to give me an email to let me know that you will be coming, Also, coming up is a review of the policy that was passed in the academic year 2016/17, if you have any thoughts on this then I would love to hear from you! 


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