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Have your say: Development and Oversight Boards

Here at uea(su), we are always looking for ways to use your feedback to improve the services and facilities that we provide for students, and one of the many ways we do this is through our three Development and Oversight Boards (DOBs). Collectively the three boards cover retail & catering, bars & venues, and advice & housing. 

The DOBs were originally set up to get students involved in supporting the day-to-day decision-making process. It gives students the chance to get an insight into the decision making of the management committee, the overseeing of subsidiary companies, and to have a say in the way the boards implement the SU strategy.   

The boards meet quarterly, and they’re made up of the relevant SU career staff, me, student managers, and we also open up 2 positions on the boards for any students who would like to be involved.  These positions have been filled now and the first meeting successfully went ahead on the 7th of November.  

It’s particularly great to see our student managers endeavoring to improve the services they represent. For example, the student managers work on other projects in addition to their student staff role and bring the results to the board meetings. One of these is the Net Promoter Score Week project which gives us customer feedback. We love this because it promotes student-led change, which is what we are all about! We want students to be the ones transforming their facilities, so this is a great example of why the boards are so important, because it brings staff and students together in a way that allows for this feedback to be utilized.  

Why not get involved! If you would like our boards to discuss something, then feel free to email me at Alternatively, if you’re interested in giving feedback about our services in a professional setting and would like to sit on the DOB then please do get in touch, we want to know what you think! 


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