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Round up of Union Council

Welcome back everyone! As you settle back in at UEA I thought it would be the perfect time to update you on what Union Council got up to at our last meeting before Christmas, so here’s a roundup…

29th November 2018:

We went through the Student Officer Reports on SOC (student officer committee) and discussed what I’ve been up to over the last month including: 

  • Attended the Aurora Conference which was really productive and spent time discussing best practise to support mental health at our universities, what they are currently doing and inclusive internationalisation. To read more about what the Aurora Conference is and what I got up to check out my blog post about it here.
  • Attended the University Council Strategy Day. This involved looking at what will be included for the 2021-25 strategy for UEA following on from the current 5 year plan.
  • Over the next few weeks I am meeting with university staff to go through accommodation and catering provision on campus.
  • Your Money Counts, the priority campaign I am leading on, focusing on students costs, launched on Tuesday 4th and Thursday 6th December! To read all about what I plan to achieve with this campaign, why not check out my previous blog post about it here.


Policy lapse 2018:

  • We had really positive debates from union councillors!
  • We renewed policy which will continue to work on.
  • We voted to have policy become part of our core values through policy precedent.
  • Finally, we lapsed other policy that was out of date or the aims have been achieved.
  • All policy can be found here:


We also passed these new policies: 

  • Emergency Motion Limousines and GoPro Cameras!? Condemn the UEA Executive Team for their Abuse of Expenses
  • Oppose the Roll-out of Universal Credit
  • Subcommittees That Work (An Amendment to the Bye Laws)
  • Tidying up UEA SU’s Bye Laws?(An Amendment to the Bye Laws)
  • Transform?International student assembly?into a subcommittee?
  • Developing Teaching Skills program
  • Let’s Make Societies Great! (An Amendment to the Bye Laws)

Now that you’re all updated, why not have your say and come to the next meeting? It’ll be on Thursday 24th January. All students are welcome, even if they aren’t councillors, you will just need to give me an email to let me know that you will be coming,


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