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The Edge Conference Returns


Edge Conference 2019 

It’s almost that time again! On the 2nd of February uea(su) will be hosting the third annual Edge Conference and every single student is invited!  

Edge is a skill-based conference that invites all students to attend sessions that will help them to build a variety of skills and work on their own personal development. Whether you are on a committee, are a student rep, are a student-staff member or are just looking to upskill and try something different, this event is for you! The sessions will range from developing confidence and public speaking to decolonising the curriculum. We will even be having a special plenary talk from Mark Grist who wrote Remembering UEA.  

The event will take place at Union House 10.30AM-5PM, it’s all for free and lunch & refreshments will be provided for all who attend. 

So why are we doing it? 

  • For you to gain more skills and experience in preparing for the future 

  • Meet others doing similar roles and the staff of the SU 

  • Get to know the SU you lead and work in 

If you would like to see a full-schedule of events, including the times and locations for each of the sessions, then click here. We will also be offering a wellbeing programme which is a separate schedule that will offer quiet places to go throughout the day if you would like somewhere to chill. This specialised programme will include alternative activities that are targeted at promoting good mental and physical wellbeing, for example, a couple of these sessions include a yoga class and a crafting session.  

We want to make this event as accessible as possible so please contact if you have any queries. For those who may be worried about childcare costs, we are able to reimburse up to £60 of these costs with a reciept and bank details, alternatively you are also welcome to bring children along to the event.  

This is such a fantastic opportunity for you to meet other students, get to know how uea(su) works, and to develop skills and confidence professionally and personally. So, why not click here now to sign up for your free ticket! If you have any more questions about the day then feel free to email me at


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