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8 reasons i love my job and why you should nominate yourself

As some of you may already know, nominations for the uea(su) officer elections are officially open! So, I thought it would be a great time to talk a bit about my role, as Campaigns and Democracy Officer, and to encourage you to consider nominating yourself for the role!

To sum it up, here’s 8 reasons why I love my job and why you should consider nominating yourself... 

1. I get to work with students and for students. I personally had a difficult time whilst studying and I worked as a member of student staff at the time. It was because of these experiences that I thought I could make a difference through this role.  felt that through this role, I could make a difference. 

2. Working with all of the Student Officer Committee. All of the officers are members of SOC and are extremely passionate about what they do. I really enjoy seeing them enthused and seeing them bring their ideas to life. 

3. I’ve managed to make the student experience better for some students which is very rewarding. This academic year we improved the Park and Ride services for students, removed parking costs for paramedic science students and much more.   

4. I have launched the Your Money Counts campaign which focuses on student costs whilst at university. I’ve been able to work with and challenge university staff to rethink some of their plans. 

5. Being on University Council! In my role, I sit on the highest governing body for the University, I’m currently working with them on the next 5-year strategy. I’m making sure that students are at the very front of what their plans are. 

6. I’m a trustee for the SU and we ensure that we are making good decisions for the Students Union. The Trustee Board looks after the SU and ensures that as an organisation we uphold Charity Law. 

7. Chairing Management Committee! Management Committee is a subcommittee of the Trustee Board and we discuss the day to day business of the SU. 

8. Learning more about how the SU works- as a student, I was involved with the SU through working at Unio but I wasn’t involved with Union Council, the Subcommittees or the Trustee Board- which are actually all things that any student can get involved with. I’ve loved my role as Campaigns and Democracy Officer this year and I’d recommend it to anybody who wants to make a difference. 


As you can see, being an Officer is a fantastic opportunity and I would love for you to think about nominating yourself to be either a full-time or part-time officer. Whether you are full-time or part-time you can really make a difference.  Remember, alongside this role there are also 4 other full-time roles and 15 part-time officer roles that are up for election. Click here to get some more information about each of these roles.  

For anyone who is thinking of nominating themselves here are some key dates to remember: 

  • Nominations close on the 5th March 

  • Campaigning begins on the 11th March 

  • Voting begins on the 12th March 

  • Campaigning/ voting closes on the 19th March


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