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Youth Strike 4 Climate


Last August, young activist Greta Thunberg decided that instead of attending school, it was time to take action. She took it upon herself to stand outside her country’s Parliament in Sweden in protest of the government's lack of action when it came to climate change. Ever since, it has inspired thousands of others to think about the Climate Crisis. 

Take the 15th of February 2019 for example, a momentous day that saw thousands of young people walk out of lessons calling for radical climate action. We even got a taste of the protest in Norwich where we saw groups of school children gathering outside the Forum spreading the message that it is time to act.  

I wanted to write this blog to let you all know that next Friday, on March 15th, there will be a Global Climate Strike for Future! It’s a huge, international, youth-led mobilization that is calling the youth of the world to demand action on the climate crisis.  

Along with 40 other countries on all continents, young people will be coming together to show that the climate crisis really is a crisis and I invite all UEA students to join!  

So, what do we want to achieve? 

  1. For the UK Government to declare a climate emergency in the UK and make environmental reform a priority. 

  2. To see a change in the way schools teach climate change so that it is accurate and informative. 

  3. For the government to think about bringing the voting age down to 16. At Uea(su) we have active policy concerning this at the moment, click here to give it a read!  

  4. To ensure that the Youth Parliament is listened to and considered appropriately. 

Join us on March 15th outside the Forum for the demonstration, and remember to use the hashtags #Fridaysforfuture and #ClimateStrike to get involved on social media!  Why not join the Facebook event for the demonstration as well? 

Photo sourced from Facebook Event Page. 

For more information about this international movement, click here. Or if you’d like to know more about what we are doing to support this campaign then please do email me at 


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