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Your union and your money

Over the last few weeks and in the weeks ahead we’ll be welcoming a whole host of new members to UEA and introducing them to their students’ union. We love this time of year, saying hi to new members and showing them all the things that their membership entitles them to.

Loads of new member are looking forward to getting stuck into the amazing events programme we’ve been planning this summer. For some of you that looks like heading to all the Do Something Different events, for some of you that looks like coming to Cinema in the Square and for some of you that looks like a visit to the world famous LCR.

Many returning members will know that uea(su) is one of the most commercially leveraged students’ unions in the country meaning that we have to make the vast majority of the money we spend of things like advice, societies and liberation work from our commercial services. For every £1 we spend on delivering the best SU experience we can for our members, we have to make 80p of that from bars, the shop and advertising. We’re not keen on this being the case and we’re actively working with UEA to change the situation for future years. Some other universities give more money directly from your tuition fees to the SU and we want to have conversations with UEA about that here – we had our first meeting last week and we’re hopeful that will be productive.

Because we rely so much on making a surplus from our commercial services each year we have to make sure our profits are stable year on year and in practice that means making sure the price of things we sell keep pace with the rising costs of running.

From the start of term this year, we’ll be changing some of our bar prices to make sure we’re still able to create the money we need to keep the wheels turning. Some of the price changes are passed onto us by external supplies – put simply, we had a price deal for the last 3 years and the contract has just come to an end. The renegotiated contact will be in place for the next 3 years but does mean initially prices have gone up on some products.

We’ve carefully considered where we can keep prices the same and where we will have to increase the cost of things. So…

Our ever popular 2 for £4 VK deal will stay exactly the same.

We’ve changed our “main” beer from Carlsberg to Carling which will now be set at £2.60 a pint.

As we’re now using Carling and Magners in our Snakebite, the cost of a pint of this will now be £2.70 – we’re chucking in the blackcurrant cordial for free!

All the key spirts will be the same price that they were last year with the “double-up” offer moving to £1.50.

We know that students love our weekly club night Damn Good and to keep it at the standard we want, the price for the year ahead will be £4.50. The A-List will be frozen at the same price as last year with the £5 before midnight ticket and a £5 surcharge if you HAVE to come really late and buy the wrong type of ticket.

So there we are! A whole lot of information to get through but we wanted to be open and honest with you not just about what we’re doing with our prices by why we’re doing it. If anyone has any questions, the door are always open for a conversation.


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