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It’s me, your Campaigns and Democracy officer. What does that role entail I hear you say? Well here’s a run-down of what it is I do day to day. 

The role of Campaigns and Democracy isn’t your usual 9-5 job like Dolly Parton talks about, I can sometimes be here in the evenings and even on weekends if there are events going on. It seems I just can’t get enough of the SU. 

Essentially, my role means I am one of the full-time officers who sits on University Council which is the governing body for the university which oversees the university’s strategic goals. I don’t attend this once a year, or twice, but 6 times a year. 

I’m responsible for our democracy, I must ensure that Union Council runs effectively. I’m doing some work to change the process of Council this year. These happen 7 times a year and the 1st one is on the 17th October. So be sure to keep an eye out for my next blog to find out more information. 

During my typical working day, you’ll find me in back to back meetings internally and sometimes with the university. I have to do a lot of reading of documents beforehand, so that is my bedtime reading sorted. 

I also do dedicate a lot of time to implementing my ideas from my manifesto. If you haven't checked it out yet, here is my priorities which I will be working on throughout the year.  

Part of my portfolio work means that I must attend certain university meetings which fall into my remit. A good example is ARM Exec (Admissions, recruitment and marketing) which looks at recruitment and admissions for the year ahead. I’m the student voice in the room so if something comes up which affects you, I’m listened to and my view is considered. 

Being a full-time officer means that I am a trustee for the SU, I am trusted with the responsibility of ensuring that risk and compliance is met. Being a trustee means that I oversee that the strategic aims of the SU are being met.  

As your representative, I sometimes get given fantastic campaign ideas that I help you implement. Let’s just say I am a person of the people.  

If you’re reading this and think that it is up your street and would like to know more, then please do get in touch! I am happy to have a chat about my role and what I get up to so email me at 


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