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let's talk accountability: what i've been up to

If you have been wondering what I’ve been up to, do not fear. This blog is a little update on what I’ve been working on with my manifesto, campaigns and meetings I’ve attended.  

Manifesto Priorities  

Better representation with significant Student Led Democratic Reform 

  • Towards the end of the academic year 2018/19, the Trustee Board and the Student Officer Committee supported the concept of a democracy review.  

  • Since the external consultant, there is now a timeline in place which includes a consultation with members with the intention to bring a democracy model to the December Council to gain a steer.  

More money in your pocket with fair accommodation for all: 

  • Continuing from last year, I’ll be meeting with Sports and Commercial Services Director and Accommodation manager. 

  • The aim is to develop the working on ensuring the university fits into the affordability factor.  

  • I will be discussing this further with them on the 11th November. I am also participating in a roundtable discussion with the minister of state on student accommodation on the 28th October, which will feed into the response to the Augar Review. More details about this roundtable to come!  

Better representation- transparency: 

  • I have created a communication plan to increase transparency around the work the student's unions does; this includes more video content, officer hours, and better accountability documents.  

  • Part of my blogs this year will include more updates of what I do and progress of manifesto points 


‘I’m registered to vote’: 

  •  In the light of a potential General Election, I am passionate about ensuring registration to vote is encouraged. The city council visited on the 14th and 15th October to register students. In addition, I am in the process of having stickers made and creating video content. 


Student Experience Committee: 

  • On the 1st of October, I attended the Student Experience Committee, where I spoke on different agenda items. I presented a paper on the decolonization of the curriculum, eradicate hate and the plans for Black History Month.  

  • The discussion focused around the embedding of this work throughout the year, rather than just Black History Month.  

University Council:  

  • On the 7th October, I attended University Council, which is the University’s governing board. I am one of the two full time officers who sits on this body.  

  • During this meeting I contributed to various points, including the positive ramifications of the Sustainability Committee becoming part of the Governance structure. 

  • This would ensure that positive change around sustainability at UEA will be enacted. 

NUS VP Welfare visit:  

  • On the 11th October, I arrange Eva Crossan Jory, the NUS VP Welfare Officer, to visit UEASU.  

  • We spoke about housing, which included student purpose-built accommodation and University owned accommodation as well as the service we provide to students: Home Run. We also discussed UEASU’s democracy and NHS mental health services. 

So I’ve been keeping busy to make sure I fulfil my manifesto and make your university experience the best it can be!  

During Union Council, there’s a full-time officer accountability session, but I thought having a blog of what I’ve been working on would be helpful as you can ask me any questions in the comment section below or send me an email at If there’s anything that interests you in this blog, let me know as I’d love to work with you 


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