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democracy discussions: union council round up part two

Another Union Council Round up! Recently you will have seen a few blogs from me talking about specific items from last week’s Union Council this week, specifically beef and the UCU strikes that are planned to take place later this month. 

We went through the Full Time Officer and Part Time Officer Reports and discussed what I’ve been up to over the last month including:   

  • Encouraging students to register to vote which you are able to do here

  •  I am organising a hustings in collaboration with student societies that will take place on the 21st November 5.30pm, Lecture Theatre 2. 

  • The student accommodation roundtable I attended that Universities’ Minister Chris Skidmore chaired. 

  • The first Decolonise UEA meeting took place with attendance from the Decolonise Society which set out some of the plans for the year. 

  • UCU strikes preparation 

  • An update on the democracy review. The survey closes today so if you haven’t had your chance to feed it, do so here

We then had an open discussion of UCU strikes. There will be a blog next Friday updating you all on this so keep posted! As soon as it is live, I will link it here. 

We approved four new societies: 

  • Francophonie Society 

  • Meme Society 

  •  Tender Love and Curry 

  • UEA Nepalese Society 

We then went through motions: 

  • Amendment to Policy 2406 (Amendment to the Bye-Laws)- it will allow a Black Students’ Officer to be elected 

  • We have beef with beef- it will remove the sale of beef in SU outlets and lobbying the university to do the same. You can read more about it here

  • UEA on Ecosia- it will lobbying the university to change their search engines from Google to Ecosia which is more environmentally friendly. 

Once again, it was great to see so many of you! In the meantime, if you have any questions or how to propose a motion, feel free to email me at and we can organise something. Equally if you want to get involved with the implementation of policy, get in touch and I can direct you to the right person! I hope to see you on the 5th December at 7pm in Lecture Theatre 2. 



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