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the lakeside view: PGR Blog

This is a blog as part of the Courage Wellbeing Project about PGR life at UEA. 

Thu 29 Nov 2018

Walk and Talk

Walk and Talk This blog is by Bryony Porter. Bryony is the PGR Mental Health Coordinator leading three of the...
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Fri 23 Nov 2018

Business Boost

Business Boost  This post is by Maddie Copley. A former PhD student at UEA, I am currently a...
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Fri 16 Nov 2018

Reflections and tips for ‘living’ and ‘managing’ your PhD

This blog is by Professor Penny Cavenagh. Prof Cavenagh is Professor of Health Research and Enterprise at the University...
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Fri 09 Nov 2018

Moving on in your academic career: could Imposter Syndrome be holding you back?

This post is by Suzanne Walker from Careers Central.  "I am one of the Career Advisers for Postgraduate...
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Fri 02 Nov 2018

We've Had 55 Years of UEA- And PGR Mental Health's Getting Worse

This blog is by Michael Kyriacou. Michael Kyriacou recently submitted their PhD in the school of PPL. They self...
Wed 24 Oct 2018

UEA Music Centre - a home for the musician in you (even if you haven't found them yet)

This blog post is by Stuart Dunlop (Director of Music at UEA).  I'm Stuart Dunlop, Director of...
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Wed 17 Oct 2018

'OpenUpUEA' New Wellbeing App Review

This blog is by Sophie Prosolek. I'm a 3rd Year UEA PhD student studying diet and health...
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Wed 10 Oct 2018

How to enjoy your PhD, or: how to stay sane on the journey of (self-) discovery?

This weeks blog is by Verena Bruer a PhD Candidate in DEV.  I'm a Sociologist with a...
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Mon 08 Oct 2018

Being Well

This blog is by Steph Bornemann. With over twenty years of research into plant and microbial enzymes of relevance...
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Mon 24 Sep 2018

A slice of pizza, a portion of friends and a side of research...

This blog is by the Bitesize PhD Seminar Series Coordinators. A Lunchtime seminar series run by PhD students for...
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Wed 12 Sep 2018

The Importance of Staring out of the Window

Post by Rachel Henderson  Rachel is one of the Academic Librarian team who support students and staff at UEA...
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Mon 10 Sep 2018

A change of scenery: Five great alternative places to work on your PhD

Post by Bryony Porter (PGR Mental Health Coordinator uea(su))  I am coming to the end of my PhD...
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Wed 29 Aug 2018

Attention: Driving license required for doing a Ph.D.!

Post by Noelia D Falcon (School of Pharmacy)  Twitter: @_Noelitaa LinkedIn: @Noelia Pilar Dominguez Falcon I completed...
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Wed 11 Jul 2018

Welcome to The Lakeside View: PGR Blog

As part of the Courage Wellbeing Project we are launching a PGR blog. This will be a blog about the...
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