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go green week

by Veronica White, Environment Officer

A few weeks ago, I organised ‘Go Green Week’ with Amy Rust. I’ve really enjoyed my time as Environment Officer, and it was great to see months of research, organising and planning come together for a series of events.

On the Monday we held a Vegan and Vegetarian Fair in the Hive, and it was one of my favourite events of the week. One of the ways we can each individually reduce our impact on the environment is reducing our meat consumption, so I was excited to show all students that eating vegetarian and vegan food is just as satisfying. We had lots of students coming up to ask questions about these diets, and many mentioned that it’s just so much cheaper to not eat meat.

The most fun I had was Friday, where we did a trip to the Green Britain Centre, and a tour of the wind turbine. I had initially suggested we organise the event there as a bit of a joke – climbing up a wind turbine isn’t a normal student activity – so it felt a bit surreal when so many people came along! The viewing platform at the top of the turbine was designed Norman Foster, the same architect that built the Sainsbury Centre – so it felt very UEA! We’re planning another trip like this soon, so keep an eye on if you think you might be interested!

However, the work from Go Green Week doesn’t stop because the week is over. Throughout the week, we held Green Consultations in the Hive where we asked students about how they think we should make the University and the SU more sustainable. I’m collecting these suggestions into themes which we can use to lobby the University to make changes. From introducing more water fountains on campus, to making better use of our beautiful campus, to getting a campus pig to eat our food waste – the suggestions were fantastic! If you think of any others, please contact me at

I’m also hoping to continue our strong relationship with Sustainable UEA and members of academic staff. UEA is at the cutting-edge of climate change research, and it’s brilliant to create events for students around this academic study. I especially want to thank Catrin Darsley, the University’s Environment Officer, for all of her help organising this week.

Want to see more events promoting sustainability? Get in touch with me at


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