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Taiwanese and Tibetan flags for Go Global

In regards to the complaints the Union has received by Chinese students regarding the Taiwanese and Tibetan flag, firstly we regret of any offence this may have caused.


The hanging of the flags in our Union House was not intended as a stance by the Union supporting anyone’s independence, nor undermine any state’s sovereignty. The flags are up to showcase our event, Go Global, which is meant celebrate all the different cultures we have on our campus.


After careful consideration, we have decided to continue to hang the Taiwanese flag. This is because we, as a Union, support our Taiwanese students and the official student-led Taiwanese Society, who are a part of our Go Global event and will be serving food. The Taiwanese Society has requested us to respect their decisions to be considered as separate from Chinese students. They have also asked us specifically to keep the Taiwanese flag in our Union House. As they, as a society, identify themselves to be an independent body, we must respect their decisions and requests. It is good to note, that if there are any students wanting to raise an objection to the name and/or identity of a society, they are free to do so at Union Council.


On the other hand, as we do not have a student-led Tibetan student society, nor are we aware of any Tibetan students on our campus, we have decided to adhere to Chinese students' requests to take the Tibetan flag down.


If any student or group of students were to propose a Tibetan society we would involve representatives across the University (including those from Chinese societies) in the debate about its formation and how it should be represented with any flag.


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