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march for free education with us!

UEA students will be able to attend a national protest for free education for free, after UEA SU agreed to fund a coach to the 15th November march.

The protest – which will march through central London - is organised by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, and will demand the scrapping of tuition fees, living grants for all and an end to education cuts.

UEA students will be able to take an SU-organised coach from outside the LCR at 9am on 15th November. It will take them to London, and arrive back on campus at 9.30pm on the same day. Non-portfolio officer Lucy Auger and Union Councillor Abbie Mulcairn are co-ordinating UEA’s contribution to the protest march.

As a students' union, we support free education and have a long tradition of supporting demos like this one. Education is a right that should be accessible to all students, not a privilege available only to a rich few. If you agree with us, please do sign up at or email me at

Lucy Auger (SU Non-Portfolio Officer)


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