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If you are one of the many thousands of ethically-minded students at UEA then Student Action for Refugees, STAR, is for you.

STAR is a national charity comprised of 27,000 students welcoming refugees to the UK. This video explains more. STAR works alongside the Universities of Sanctuary organisation to ensure that universities, schools, and other community centres act as sufficient homes for asylum seekers and refugees.   This is a great opportunity for anyone who might be interested in organising anything from film screenings, exhibitions, plays, talks, or any educational activity on or off campus.   

For those who want to find out more about how to combat the development of a Fortress Europe that locks out those who seek shelter, Professor Madeleine Arnot from Cambridge University will be doing a talk on Monday regarding newly arrived children's educational needs. The talk is called “Empowering the new arrived child within mainstream schools: the challenges of diversity, communication and social morality”, and is on between 1pm and 2pm, in Lecture Theatre 3, Monday 12th November.   

Madeleine will talk about the various opportunities that working within this area brings, including getting to work with hundreds of locally housed people to build your skills and experience teaching others.   

Being involved with the charity and helping vulnerable people to find homes is a fantastic way to help build a more inclusive ethos within society and expand your own cultural awareness. As Professor Arnot explains “this ethos gives every child, no matter what background or however hostile the political climate, the chance to flourish.”.   

Please do get involved with such a brilliant and vitally important activist-focussed charity for the chance to develop your own skills and to help other people. Please email to sign up today and to join the mailing list for updates!

Rob Klim, Ethical Issues Officer


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