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water action month


We are working with WaterAid who recognises that water safety and access is a basic human right required for all. Water Aid’s focus is to ensure water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) for all (including refugees). On Thursday the 28th we will be raising awareness about the importance of WASH services in camps.


The theme this year being “'leave no one behind', reflects this need. Regarding this theme too as it is the end of semester we are working with Students Take Action for Refugees to collect donations of clothing, as well as bikes for locally housed refugees. Please leave no one behind by dropping off any tops that you have that you no longer require. This collection is taking place from March 26th to March 31st.


Here is the refugee clothing and bike collection:

Leaving no one behind also covers ensuring refugees have an equal right to freedom of movement in a physical sense and so we are collecting bikes for the University of Sanctuary refugee-supporting initiative. If anyone also has any bikes they no longer want or need, please email and we will come along to collect it.


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