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lgbt+ history month at uea

The arrival of February also brings the beginning of LGBT+ History month, this month is a time for celebrating members of the community and educating people on the history of the community with insights into the issues which individuals face. It is a time for reflection as there is still more that needs to be done.  

The theme of our LBGT+ History month is ‘plays, poetry and prose’. These forms have long been a vital aid for the LGBT+ community to express themselves and their experiences throughout history as well as within contemporary times.  

You cannot deny that there has been great progress for the LGBT+ community with more countries around the world finally acknowledging and respecting their rights as well as the increase of platforms and voices to represent those from the community being shared and accepted across mainstream media.  

However, there is still more to be done. It has become apparent that there is an underlying issue that needs addressing within the LGBT+ community and that is the non-intersectionality which isolates individuals from a community which is meant to be about bringing everyone together and giving each other strength. Here at uea(su), we want to act on this by hosting events to overcome the non-intersectionality; we have many events for BAME members of the LGBT+ community.  

Also, we want to open discussions on the issue surrounding how certain aspects of the community can be appearance-focused, this can have a significant impact on mental health issues. You can look at all the amazing events we have over the course of LGBT+ History month here. Some highlights are ‘Celebrating Colour: Black, Brown, and the Rainbow Flag’ and ‘Fluid Identities: Open Discussion’.  

Please do get involved with the events happening across this month but also continue supporting the LGBT+ community beyond this history month, but all year, every year.  

Oliver Addley, LGBT+ Officer


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