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Postgraduate students and staff are brilliant, and this is why I want to get them involved in the Transforming Education Awards this year.

The SU isn’t just here to step in when things go wrong – we’re also keen to celebrate instances of best practice, and recognise what makes UEA brilliant.

The Transforming Education Awards exist to do just this. Each year, we ask students to vote for the members of UEA staff who go the extra mile for their students. 

In previous years this has been quite undergraduate-centric. That’s why this year, I’ve introduced new Postgraduate Research categories into the Transforming Teaching Awards. I want to highlight the best practice in the PGR community, and make sure that those who are going above and beyond to support PhD students are recognised for their work.

The new categories include:


Postgraduate Research Director of the Year Award

Nominate the Postgraduate Research Director in your School who have been exceptional in their support of PhD students. This can be through academic or pastoral support, or both – anything that has had substantially improved the PGR community.


PhD Support Award

This award is to recognise staff members who have shown dedication, enthusiasm and support to PhD students. This can include supervisors, or any other staff member.


Best PhD / Associate Tutor Award

We’ve also included a special category to celebrate PhD students as teachers. Undergraduates are able to nominate their tutors for the Best PhD / Associate Tutor Award. Associate Tutors are often overlooked in these kinds of awards, and I think that’s completely ridiculous. The University simply couldn’t operate without the brilliant work they do, and PhD students often offer some of the most exciting, innovative and fresh teaching.

A lot of undergraduates don’t know if they’re being taught by PhD students or associate tutors. I get that not everyone wants to advertise that they’re still a student, but I would argue that undergraduates have a right to know who they’re being taught by. ATs and PhDs who teach often make fantastic teachers because they know what it’s like to be taught.


To vote in the Transforming Teaching Awards, visit the Campaigns and Welfare pages at


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