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Postgraduates Assemble!

First of all, hello and welcome to all new and returning postgraduates! 

As the Postgraduate  Education officer at uea(su), it's my responsibility to make sure that the postgraduate experience is the best it can be. I work with the university to achieve improvements in postgraduate education and research and make sure your voices are heard (after all, Postgraduates make up around 30% of the student base!)  

As the new academic year kicks off, it's time for the first postgraduate assembly of the year and the election of  a new committee. The postgraduate committee is made up of five elected representatives and four of the full-time elected officers, as well as a representative of the NBI. They control the PGSU budget and give me direction. Last year, the committee steered me to focus my efforts on launching a piece of research into the experience of our PhD Associate Tutors (ATs). The report, which can be found here, identified common issues and led to a series of recommendations being relayed back to the University. The committee also approved loads of different social grant applications, dictated what postgraduate events they'd like to see and provided guidance on how the grad centre is used. There are five positions and it's a really good way to get involved in democracy at the SU. 

At the assembly we'll also be discussing the arrivals experience and electing two other roles: the chair of the postgraduate(su) assembly and the postgraduate trustee. The chair will be responsible for setting the agenda of assembly meetings and chairing them, and the trustee sits on the Student Union's Trustee Board and scrutinises the SU's performance. 

The assembly meeting is open to all postgraduates and free pizza and drinks will be provided! It's a great opportunity to meet other postgraduates and see how decisions are made. The first meeting is on Monday 9th October in bookable room 6 (upstairs in Union House near Scholars Bar) and there's a Facebook event you can join here.If you'd like to put yourself forward for a role, you can nominate yourself on the day, but if you have any questions feel free to contact me at 


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