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Back in September, I wrote a blog about the elections to the Postgraduate committee.  The Postgraduate Committee, which is elected by the Assembly at the start of the academic year, is made up of five elected postgraduate representatives and four of the full-time elected officers, as well as a representative of the NBI. 

This year your committee members are: 

Maddie Colledge (Postgraduate Education Officer) 

India Edwards (Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer) 

Jack Robinson (Campaigns and Democracy Officer) 

Camille Koosyial (Activities and Opportunities Officer) 

Chris Ball (Non-Portfolio Officer) 

Jemma Bailey (Non-Portfolio Officer) 

Tim Barker (PG Assembly rep) 

‘I ran for a position on the committee to help develop the postgrad community in both the Union and the University, and work to increase the support for and integration of Postgraduate students at UEA at both an Academic and Social level, at a time when Postgrads are under more pressure than ever.’ – Tim Barker  

Ruth Flaherty (PG Assembly rep) 

'I ran to be on Committee to give back to the postgraduate community.  After receiving a PSGU Conference Fund grant at the start of my first (unfunded) PhD year, I attended Assembly to find out more about the body (PGSU) that supported me.  I decided to run for Committee to use my skills to develop, foster and support a postgraduate body in the SU that represents all members of that community.' - Ruth Flaherty 

Michael Kyriacou (PG Assembly rep) 

'I ran for a position on the postgrad committee because the building and maintenance of a strong postgraduate community is an issue that is close to my heart.' - Michael Kyriacou 

Lauren Moreton (PG Assembly rep) 

Emma Holden (Norwich Biological Institute) 

The Committee take part in decisions on allocating  the SU's £21,000 PG budget, organising events and campaigns, and the use of the Graduate Centre. They also sit on the student union's Union Council, allowing them to change SU decisions at the highest levels.  

Here is how the committee decided to distribute the budget this year: 


How we divide the budget is based on where we know there is demand. Each year we keep a very close track of how the budget performs and can move money around at any point. The committee decided, for example, to put more money into the Conference Fund this year due to high demand last year.  


The important thing to note is that the Committee is accountable to the Assembly. If you think there is another area we should be spending money on, or have an event you want us to run out of the activities fund, you have every right to challenge us. To do this, either email the chair of the Committee or come along to the Assembly. 

The two main issues the committee are tackling so far this year are Postgraduate space on campus and the Postgraduate students' wellbeing. They've approved and organised the care packages that were distributed back in December, made the UNIO Christmas day provision happen, decided on the outcomes of social grant applications and discussed the next steps from research we've undertaken – such as the masters dissertation support report.  

The work of the Postgraduate Committee is dictated by the Postgraduate Assembly, which all Postgraduates are welcome to attend. The next assembly is on the 19th February in bookable room 6 by the Scholars bar and pizza and drinks are provided.  


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