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the alternative university: education strikes back

The UCU strike action starts today, continues tomorrow and will escalate over the next three weeks if a resolution is not reached.  

This week has been the week of the 'Do Something Different' festival, and so formal undergraduate teaching will be largely unaffected. However, as normal University life resumes next week we will start to see the full impact of the strike. For information about the strike and answers to the questions you might have, see our page of the website here.

Teaching time will be lost during strike actions, but it's important to remember that academic staff haven't taken this decision lightly. The sad reality is that it's only through disruption that the University will listen to their concerns. To show that they still care about their students, UCU are conducting a series of 'teach-ins' where you can come and explore alternative intellectual debates and ideas. The staff at UEA are passionate about their subjects and want to demonstrate that their striking isn't a punishment or attack on students, but action that has been taken because there is no other choice. University is about opening your mind to different ideas, grappling with new concepts and engaging intellectually with alternative ways of seeing the world. These workshops, run by UCU members and guests, are a great chance to experience what University is meant to be about.  

The full programme of events are below: 



Monday 26th 10am Participatory Methods for Research Bookable Room 4  

Monday 26th 1pm Collective Action and Modes of Resistance Bookable Room 4  

Tuesday 27th 2pm Screening of 'Unite in Anger' Bookable Room 1 

Wednesday 28th 2pm Brexit Bookable Room 4  



Monday 5th 10am 'Access is Political': Universities in the Age of SciHub Bookable Room 1  

Monday 5th 2pm Race, Gender and Anti-Apartheid Bookable Room 1 

Tuesday 6th 11am Economics of Trade Unionism Bookable Room 4  

Tuesday 6th 2pm Getting Politically Involved: Staying Within the Law Bookable Room 4  

Wednesday 7th 1pm-4pm 'Precarity - Existing without Certainty or Security': Creative Workshops, Readings, Discussion Bookable Rooms 7 & 8  

Wednesday 7th 5pm-7pm 'Writers for the Strike': UEA Students, staff and alumni read alongside Jon McGregor, author of Reservoir 13, winner of the 2017 Costa Novel Award Grad Lounge  

Thursday 8th 2pm Higher Education in Neoliberal Times Bookable Room 6  

Thursday 8th 4pm Student Strike Bookable Room 6  

Monday 12th 2pm Understanding Mental Health in 2018 Bookable Room 4  

Tuesday 13th 1pm Screening of 'Generation Revolution' Bookable Room 1  

Thursday 15th 2pm Environmental Activism in the Age of Trump Bookable Room 6  

Friday 16th 2pm Screening of 'You Can't Move History' Bookable Room 2  


All these talks and screenings are free and open to everyone, so come along to challenge your mind during the pension strikes.  


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