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The Great Big Postgraduate Event off

At Postgraduate(su), we love running events that let you meet other PG students, have some fun and take time out from the lab or library.  Previously we've run trips and outings, Christmas events, afternoon tea sessions, teapot painting, themed social nights in Scholars' bar and many, many more.  

Traditionally we tend to run an larger programme of events over the summer, as we recognise that many university services reduces their hours, yet postgraduates are still on campus conducting research and writing dissertations, and it can often feel isolating. We will be continuing the summer events programme this year come June. Last year we ran cake and writing sessions every week, as well as trips to coast to go strawberry picking. However this time, it's not uea(su) deciding on the events that will take plac, but you.

We're putting the decision in your hands; we want you to submit your ideas and vote for the events you want to see happen.

When the voting is done, we'll run the event which has recieved the most amount of votesWhether you want to see a previous event repeated or try something completely new, we're open to all ideas. Submissions are open now and will close on 20th April.

No matter what your idea is, we are going to try and make it happen in some form, so don't be afraid to come up with an unusual or bizzare event!* 

*We may regret this later. 

Click here to submit your ideas and vote for your favourites.


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