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Who should use the graduate centre?

The Graduate Centre upstairs in Union House has previously been described as a space designed for Postgraduate and Mature Students, but open to all. This has been a contentious issue, given that at peak times Undergraduates are able to take up space in an area not designed for them, leading to a debate: who should we allow to access the Graduate Centre?  

We appreciate that some undergraduates use the space as they prefer the relaxed atmosphere and with the space crisis on campus there is a genuine need for more space, but it is unfair that Postgraduates are punished for the tireless expansion of the University. Postgraduates who teach also deserve a space away from the students they might teach, for example if they are marking scripts.  

We want to know your views and have created a survey for Postgraduate and Mature students so that you can have your say. The survey takes less than 5 minutes to fill in and the results will be used to write union policy, inform the Graduate Centre Management Committee and allow us to look into the cost implications of any suggested changes.   

Take the survey here



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